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Dragonart Tattoo Studio

Dragonart Tattoo StudioDragonart Tattoo Studio

Dragonart Tattoo Studio

Dragonart Tattoo Studio

Dragonart Tattoo StudioDragonart Tattoo StudioDragonart Tattoo Studio

Ready for your next piece of artwork ? 

Contact us for a consultation 


Ready for your next piece of artwork ? 

Contact us for a consultation 

About Us


Based in the small industrial town of Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire, nestled away from the busy town centre stands Dragonart Tattoo Studio. 

One of the first things that you will notice about our studio is how clean and spacious it is. We pride ourselves on our exceptional hygiene standards and practices, ensuring an all-round amazing experience for everyone who visits us in our studio. 

The atmosphere is really relaxed and friendly, which helps each client to enjoy their tattoo journey from start to finish. 

Our spacious, warm and welcoming studio has plenty to offer. 

Our separate work rooms offer our clients comfort and privacy, so you do not have to share your sitting with other clients or on-lookers. 

Discretion, dignity and most importantly an awesome piece of artwork is what we offer. 

Our machines and work areas are cleaned using a special solution after every use, which maintains our high standards of cleanliness and hygiene within the studio.

We only use disposable needles and grips, which are safely disposed after each client. 

Our inks are also vegan friendly. 

We offer a FREE car park with disabled access suitable for wheelchairs and clients with mobility issues. 

Meet The Team


How it began

Greg and Kaz Slocombe have a combined 25 years experience in the tattoo industry. 

Dragonart Tattoo Studio  was first established in 2007 by Greg and is dedicated to his late father Brian. 

In 2012 Greg met Kaz where work and romance bloomed between the two artists. 

The two combined make an unstoppable team who bounce off each others energy and passion for the industry and its artwork. 

In 2019 Greg and Kaz got married surrounded by loving family and close friends.

Which goes to show, you can live and work with your better half. 

Both artists create custom pieces for their clients, so that no two pieces of art are ever the same. 

After all, who wants to be just like everyone else? 

We believe in being individual, expressive and bold! We believe that having a tattoo can be a fun, spiritual and meaningful experience. We can make that happen! Big or small, we have you covered!

A tattoo is not just "some ink" on someone's skin. It's an adventure, it's a journey! 


Greg Slocombe

Greg who is originally from Cardiff in Wales, has been a tattoo artist for over 17 years. 

Specialising in portraits and realism in both colour and black and grey.  Greg also enjoys Japanese styles, Trash-polka, Abstract, Traditional, Neo-Traditional and everything inbetween. 

Check out some of his work in the Gallery! 


Kaz Slocombe

Kaz, originally from Scarborough in North Yorkshire moved to Lincolnshire at a young age. 

Kaz has always had a passion for art, especially graphite drawings and watercolour paintings. 

Kaz has been working at Dragonart for 7 years and has a real passion for Realism, Watercolour, Abstract and Botanicals. She also enjoys Japanese styles and anything with is quirky, dark, or unusual. 

Kaz is also the ONLY trained and certified tattoo artist in Lincolnshire who offers permanent areola tattooing. 

Check out our section on Mastectomy tattoos for more information.

Mastectomy Tattoos


The "C" Word

Cancer (ergh we HATE that awful word)! 

Sadly in life far to many men and women have to face this awful illness. 

Leaving our bodies scarred and maybe not looking quite as we had hoped. 

 Breast cancer leaves women and men feeling incomplete, lost, uncomfortable and no longer confident within their skin after mastectomy surgery. 

Many survivors on the NHS waiting list do not realise that they will receive a SEMI-PERMANENT nipple and areola tattoo, which are very basic circles with very basic colours.  Semi-permanent tattoos require top ups which are damaging to already fragile skin. 

Your body has been through enough trauma without having to have repeat damage to scarred, reconstructed and often radiated tissue. 

A very well known, respected surgeon said " You would not expect a Tattoo artist to perform surgery, so why expect a Surgeon to perform a tattoo". 

Tattoo artists have skills and experience working with scar tissue. While surgeons have had basic training in semi-permanent tattooing sadly they do not have the artistic skills to make a nipple and areola look as realistic as a trained and certified tattoo artist can. 

That's where Kaz comes in! 


Restorative Areola Tattooing

Trained by the AMAZING world renowned tattoo artist specialising in areola and nipple restorative tattoos STACIE-RAE WEIR. The creator and founder of A.R.T and with the support of THE NIPPLE INNOVATION PROJECT.  Kaz is proud to offer PERMANENT areola and nipple restorative tattoos here at the studio. Kaz is the ONLY certified tattoo artist in Lincolnshire to offer this service.

Permanent tattooing means less trauma to your already delicate skin. You will not have to keep coming back for top ups every few years. You can simply get back to being YOU again. Loving life, feeling complete and confident again. Own your body!

Your first steps of the final part of your journey is a cup or tea/coffee and a biscuit, along with a FREE private consultation to speak about your treatment, your expectations, desired results and aftercare. 

Links to A.R.T and The Nipple Innovation Project can be found on our Facebook page, Instagram and also on this website.  


Decorative Mastectomy Tattoos

If you have scars around the breast area that you would like to turn into a beautiful piece of artwork then a decorative mastectomy tattoo may be an option. 

We believe every scar tells a story... 

How will you tell yours? 

If you want to cover/hide your scars completely, or you would like to incorporate your scars into the design, we can help.

We can advise you on everything from what would and would not work on sensitive delicate scar tissue. To helping you with design ideas that will make your tattoo flow and fit your body. 

A.R.T and The Nipple Innovation Project



A.R.T was created and founded by the amazing Stacie-Rae! Her dream was to create realistic, life long areola tattoos for breast cancer survivors. Stacie-Rae decided that the world needed a higher quality of artists than the industry standard and now has put together an amazing team of artists from around the world that have specialised skills and are certified to perform such a personal and special tattoo for their clients. 

Kaz is one of the lucky tattoo artists who has been trained and certified by A.R.T and personally mentored by Stacie. 

A.R.T has also designed the ONLY temporary 3D realistic nipples for survivors. They last for up to a week and do not damage the skin or body in any way. Please contact us for more details about Nipplebacks. 

Check out the link to the A.R.T website for more information. 

NIP - The Nipple Innovation Project


The Nipple Innovation Project is a UK charity founded to ensure that breast cancer survivors have the opportunity to receive 3D areola and nipple tattoos for certified and highly trained artists, well above the industry standard. 

NIP can also help with funding for 3D areola and nipple tattooing to those who may need it. This is thanks to fundraising and the generosity of its supporters. 

Please contact the studio for more information about funding or how you can help raise funds for such a meaningful cause.

NIP hosts charity events to raise awareness and spread the word. 

For more information check out the link to the NIP website.  

Our Services


Full Day Appointment

Our full day sittings are offered at a discounted rate which saves money and gives our clients the opportunity to have more work started or completed in a shorter time frame. 

Sittings start at 11am until 6pm. 


Hourly Appointment

We charge an hourly rate for all of our sittings. 

Contact us to discuss designs and get a quote. 


Armed forces/ Veterans Discount

We are proud to offer all serving military personnel and veterans 10% discount on our hourly tattoo rate. 

Serving personnel must show ID card at time of booking. 

Veterans must show proof of service or a veterans ID card at time of booking. 

Advanced Services

Permenant Areola/Nipple tattooing


Permenant restorative 3D areola/nipple tattooing for Breast cancer survivors, clients who have lost nipples due to breast surgery, transgender clients and whoever else needs this life changing work. 

Decorative Mastectomy Tattooing


If you would rather have something more decorative to tell your story while disguising your scars, or maybe incorporating them, then decorative mastectomy tattoos may be an option for you. 

Areola Smoothing


This treatment is suitable for clients who would like to even out or improve the look of existing areola. Either after surgery or on the natural areola. 

Collagen Induction Therapy


Helps to generate new collagen and skin tissue to promote smoother, firmer and more toned skin. 

Great for wrinkles, dull skin and acne 

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